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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Are you expecting a baby and want newborn portraits?

Having custom portraits created of your brand new baby is so very special.  And the opportunity to capture those tiny, precious newborn details lasts only a short time, as babies grow and change so fast.  It can seem like they change almost overnight!  Once those first few days and weeks have passed, the opportunity to capture the purest phase in life is gone, as well.  Those teeny, tiny, wrinkled fingers and toes, those squishy rolls of flaky, beautiful newborn skin, the tiny white dots on a new baby's nose, the fuzzy hair on that soft little round head, the amazing way a newborn can be curled up into the smallest little bundle....all those things go by in a flash and it's so difficult to remember every detail, no matter how hard we try.  And those sweet little details are something we don't ever want to forget.

When you have custom newborn portraits created, you can remember all those little details forever and you can look back to that precious time as often as you like.  Having those memories preserved provides a priceless piece of your life history and a beautiful way to share your story.   If asked for a list of five things you would want to save in a fire, most people include those invaluable family photos in that list.  Putting a price on those memories is very difficult, if not impossible.  They really are priceless.

A.Bilger photography can create those special portraits for you in a very stress-free, enjoyable way.  Newborn sessions should be scheduled during pregnancy, if possible, and they ideally occur within the first 4-14 days of life, which is the time during which new babies are able to sleep the most soundly during the session.  That is also the time when babies are most content to be positioned in those adorable, curly, womb-like poses.  Scheduling outside of that window may mean a chance for less variety in the session, as it will likely take longer to keep baby settled.  With our constant focus on your new baby's safety at all times, you can relax and enjoy watching your new baby being photographed.  You can even have as much or as little hands on involvement in the process as you like, whatever your preference.  Plenty of time is provided to allow baby to have breaks for diapering, feeding, soothing, and snuggling as needed (whether it's baby or mommy that needs the snuggle).  Hiring an experienced newborn photographer to handle your precious new baby is so important.  A.Bilger photography is committed to making our clients as comfortable and satisfied as possible with their experience, all while taking great care to make sure babies are safe and happy throughout the process.

Now, in addition to Newborn Sessions, we also offer BABY'S FIRST YEAR Portrait Plans and you can check out the details for all those things here!

Take a minute to browse a few images from some of our Newborn Sessions or check out our other work HERE or via the link below.  And please feel free to contact A.Bilger photography by email at  or by phone at 317-213-3702 for more information or to get your baby's session reserved.  Once you're expecting, it's never too early to start planning for your baby's precious newborn portraits!

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